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Email any of us here at headquarters or even the educator closest to you. We would love to hear from you, answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction to help you fulfill your goals and dreams. Join our Sugaring Ohana Today!


Headquarters Ohana

Karin C Noll | Licensed Esthetician |

Jarratt Haviland | Licensed Cosmetologist |

Nikki Reyes | Licensed Esthetician |

Angela Burkard |

Angela Hess |

Our Educators



Jarratt is the proud owner of Sugar & Bronze, LA - the premier sugaring hair removal salon in the state. She began her career as a cosmetologist doing hair and ordinary waxing, but made the jump to an esthetics only establishment, after discovering the magic of sugaring.  Educating and mentoring new estheticians on the most effective and efficient sugaring technique has become her passion! When she's not running the salon or educating up-and-coming estheticians, you can find her enjoying good food, competing in something active, or spending time with her husband Mike, her three beautiful girls and two dogs. 

Sugar & Bronze


This southern California babe has been a sugarist and skincare specialist over 4 years. Mylene is passionate about educating new sugarists, and of course teaching her clients on their skincare needs and achieving their desired beauty goals. Outside the treatment room, Mylene is a mother to a little girl (soon two) and wife to her high school sweet heart. She enjoys traveling, wine tasting and spending time with family. 

Sweet Beauty Studios


Just a SoCal girl transplant to Texas. Kim and her team at The Beauty Blondes work their passion and skills at skincare, sugaring and business development.  She takes great pride in her business and skills, which have led her to educating for Ke Kō, to share her years of experience. As a social butterfly, Kim has found herself educating and building her team that now is paying it forward to all of our students. Outside of the busy spa and salon life, Kim gets to spend her time with her handsome Navy Pilot husband, children and grandchildren. Outdoor and music lovers who just enjoy the simple things in life.

The Beauty Blondes


Leilani has been a licensed Esthetician since 2007 and a Sugarist since 2008. She found herself drawn to services that offer noticeable results early on therefore, the services she offers, reflect results that  work time and time again. Leilani is always looking for new techniques to learn and services to share with her clients. Approaching every client, no matter how large or small the service, with the same pride, care and thoroughness that we all look for.  As an educator Leilani shares her passion and experience with newly aspiring professionals. Bringing on sugaring to her service menu has opened so many new doors and combined with her love of teaching, she looks forward to meeting new students! 

Kopa Sugaring


Alicia started her career in the spa industry in 2004 as a massage therapist. After 4 years of honing her craft she realized she had a thirst for knowledge and just couldn’t stop there so she went on to earn her aesthetician’s license in 2008. Very quickly it became clear to her that sugaring was a much superior hair removal technique then traditional waxing. It’s her love of holistic skin and body care that keeps her continually learning and sharing with others her passion of wellness from head to toe! She is a proud owner of Spa Cia, a tucked away boutique spa in Santa Barbara where their mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives with the finest holistic methodology using quality botanical ingredients.

Spa Cia


Katie first fell in love with sugaring in 2017 after taking a weekend class in San Francisco with an amazing group of holistic estheticians. After discovering Ke Ko Professionals a couple years later, she was hooked. "Their product made me fall in love with sugaring all over again and I was proud to offer Ke Ko in my treatment room (and represent a San Diego based company, my hometown!)" She has felt so blessed to be connected to such incredible women and skincare specialists over the years and wants to further expand our community through education and the magic of sugaring.

Katie James Skincare & Wellness

Kaua'i, HI | Kino by Kimie

My name is Asia Yomen and I’ve been a licensed esthy for about 13 years. My studio is located on the garden isle of Kaua’i where I specialize in sugaring and holistic skincare. Hair removal was always fun and exciting to me until I realized how sensitive it was becoming to my clients and the Unwanted negative effects they were experiencing over time.
11 years of my career I spent waxing and wondering if there was a better option out there for myself and my clients. Once I learned sugaring I was hooked and never looked back! I wished I had learned this from the beginning so now I’m determined to help others come on over to the sweet side.
When I’m not working you can find me and my ohana at the beach or getting ready to go holoholo. I can’t wait to meet you and join you on this exciting new journey!

Kino by Kimie


I have been a waxing practitioner since 2011. I have traveled the world for training, practicing hard, but I was always wondering how I could commit to helping environmental problems with my job. When I decided to learn sugaring, I found Ke Kō, and I was really happy because it's perfectly matched with my thoughts! In Japan, sugaring is still very new, and since sugaring and waxing look very similar, there are a lots of waxing practitioners that try sugaring like they already know what they are doing. Now that I know both sugaring and waxing, there are lots of similarities,but also differences, and since I love both sugaring and waxing, I thought I could introduce the amazing world of sugaring to waxers and of course to those who are newly jumping into the hair removal/skincare industry.

Sugar Wax


The Sugar Room

Extended Ohana Educators

Our Family of Educators goes beyond our regular scheduled tribe. These educators are Loyal Ke Kō Ohana and though they only have a limited amount of time, we still bring them on as Honorary Educators for larger classes or requested one on ones. If you're interested in learning with one of these Educators below please contact us and we'll help set up an introduction. 

Leslie & Katie


Nothing but relaxing beach vibes here at CLEO's. This team is our San Diego local faves with Leslie as the owner and lead esthetician at CLEO. She has been sugaring for over 8 years and has been a certified educator over 6 years. She has a BS Degree in Health Promotion and studied and certified in Reiki, Facial Sculpting Massage, Apothecary Facials and Herbalism.  Katie has been working at Cleo for over a year since she moved back home to California from the East Coast. She was trained in holistic esthetics and sugaring in Philadelphia over 4 years ago. Advanced Sugaring and the sea breeze all in one place.

Karie Hull


Karie began her career as a Massage Therapist in 2000, and an Esthetician in 2007. She found her love for Sugaring in 2009 and continued to do all three until she decided to focus completely on Sugaring in 2012. Sugaring wasn’t very popular at the time. She was one of the first to practice the art in Orange County, California and quickly gained a following. Renting a room for 3 years and then opening up her own studio in 2015. She continued to thrive and grow in the industry until she decided to start a family and move out of the state. She sold the business in 2019 and is now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada where she will begin educating other estheticians to further her career and share her love of Sugaring

Amy Tymes


Ami is an educator and body sugaring professional, who has been mastering the art of sugaring for over 10 years. When she heard of the new and improved method of hair removal, Ami was quick to learn! Completing her training and immediately opening her own salon in Orange County CA. Ami quickly grew her business into a successful one, and also became an educator for other aspiring Sugarist. In 2011 Ami moved her salon back home to Hawaii. Since bringing the art of sugaring to the island, she has trained and licensed a very large number of now successful Sugarist!