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Essentials Online Training Course

Why add sugaring to your menu? Why use Ke Kō? Why become Certified and Learn with a respected and professional company???

Ke Kō Sugar hair removal paste is based on an old recipe containing sugar, lemon and water. The product is 100% natural with no chemical additives whatsoever, no bone char, no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects. 

Our Body Sugaring Certifications come with a life long membership to the Ke Kō Ohana (family). Our education goes beyond the classroom to help you perfect the traditional method of Sugaring hair removal. We are here for your every step of the way, it will just take time and practice. Our comprehensive sugar classes will go over the didactics of sugar hair removal, products, maintenance and the business side of things. Hands on classes to help guide you in becoming the Sugarista that you are!

Sugar Paste vs Wax

Don't you want to offer your clients the best? Here's just a few amazing facts about sugaring vs. wax to help convince you if you aren't already. With good training and sugaring practices, you can save so much time, money and make your clients so extremely happy!!! Don't miss out on the most innovative form of hair removal on the market!


100% Natural • Water Soluble & Wipes up with ease • Adheres to dead skin cells only • Luke warm & never burns the skin • Natural healer to skin • No damage to delicate facial tissue • Removes hair in direction of growth • Very little discomfort • Leads to permanent hair loss • Assists healing ingrowns from prior trauma • Can sugar areas such as vericose veins • No post sugaring downtime


Contains chemicals/resins • Requires solvents & takes effort to clean • Adheres to live skin cells • Can burn skin when overheated • Damages fine tissue cells • Bacteria breeds in wax • May cause trauma & pigmentation • Removed opposite direction of growth • Painful to clients • Breaks hair & distorts follicles • Creates ingrown problems • Many contraindications • Sensitive skin post waxing = downtime!


Typical results can last 3-5 weeks. Keep in mind that all areas my not grow at the same rate. For example the underarms may grow faster than the Brazilian area. When a client is consistent they may start to extend their appointments by a week.

It feels like exfoliation and hair being removed from the root with a warm paste. Most of the discomfort comes from the hair being removed from the root, but only last for a second after which the discomfort subsides. In order to achieve the least amount discomfort, make sure you are well hydrated, internally and externally. 

Hair removal comes with discomfort and each area may feel different. Women should plan ahead because hormones to play a big part in our skin sensitivity. Drink lots of water to stay well hydrated starting at least 3 days before your appointment. Hydrate the skin everyday but the day of your appointment. Exfoliation should be done 2 to 3 times a week but wait 48 hours before and after your appointment to exfoliate the service area. Refrain from taking in caffeine as it is a stimulant and may had to the discomfort. For the first appointment we like 1/16 of an inch or 10-14 day worth of growth so we may have all of the hair above the skin to give you the best long lasting results. Prepping the skin helps the hair come out easier and reduces the discomfort, but know you are in great hands.

Clients should come every 3-5 weeks to achieve desired results. Keep in mind each hair type and area may grow at a different rate and by the second appointment we can set an optimal time frame for the individual.