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"Ke Ko has done it right! This sugar is amazing and lasts forever using the smallest amounts. I do not have to adjust the sugar at all..consistency is spot on!" ~ Anna B 

Welcome to the Reef to Leaf Project!

Mama Honua (Mother Earth) needs us!

Join us in our eco-friendly campaign today. Save your sugar paste containers and send them back!  Refill your backbar containers with our eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. Refill pouches, child safe containers and more.... We're proud to offer you choices to help support mother nature. 

Check out our site at .... and join our green ohana today!

Most consistent paste you can find on the market. Reliable and natural. Sugar, Lemon and Water. Yup… that’s it. But it’s PERFECT! We offer four types that are all “dry paste” so no sticky messes.

Pua: Our beautiful flower... The most faithful stretchy soft paste for our arms and full legs. Time to give your hands a break and let this soft, pliable and consistent paste work for you.
Wahine: The softest, most gentle paste ideal for face, and large body areas. Delicate for the delicate skin we have. Great for the more experienced Sugarista to allow for faster molding time.

DaKine: The whatchamicalit of all pastes. It’s soft but strong enough for even the toughest hairs. Great for brazilians, underarms and all body areas.

Kona: Lovely lady like but strong like an amazon. This paste is perfect for the hot and humid days when sugaring gets tough on the courser and wetter skin types. Ideal for Brazilians all year round and our training paste.

Keiki: Our training paste. Keiki meaning “child”. Also the strongest and driest paste we offer.


All our products are natural and FREE of Parabens, Talc, Sulfates, Gluten, Dairy and are NEVER tested on Animals.

Coconut Cleanse: This coconut cleanser is not only great for client sugar prep but also for a neutral facial cleanser, bubble bath or your airbrush tanning set up. 100% NATURAL. No colors, No Dyes, No Perfumes! (comes in coconut or unscented)         

• Refills Available

Cucumber Calming Mist: Calming Organic cucumber hydrosol with organic aloe, Organic willow bark and tea tree just being the top ingredients. Antibacterial for post hair removal on all body parts, and skin anti-inflammatory with major hydrating properties. Result driven, our mist is pH balanced for your clients delicate skin and even wonderful just for a refreshing facial mist that smells amazing.           

• Refills Available

Drying Powder: Organic, simple and non altering to our paste. Use with all sugaring as needed and enjoy the seasonal aroma of our favorite essential oils. Also great to use after sunless tanning in all those nooks and crannies.                                         

• Refills Available

Coconut Lotion: Calming, hydrating and antibacterial full body lotion. Toes to the Nose! This Organic coconut and honey lotion is light, made for the most sensitive skin and calming post hair removal. Also, safe to use post spray tanning to help extend that beautiful glow. We’ve even added a natural preservative from Green Tea extract that is an antibacterial and aids in eczema and psoriasis therapy!


You can't grow a successful garden without the seeds and proper tools. We at Ke Kō are providing what we have found the best tools on the market.

Classic Sugar Warmer: Perfectly tuned for our sugar paste. Keep your paste exactly where you need it at all times. With 4 preset settings this warmer is exactly what you need keep your sugar paste at perfect consistency.

Basic Class Kit: Includes the basics you need for your sugaring beginnings. 1 jar of Sugar, travel sized backbar, gloves, manual, support essentials and certification upon class completion.

Standard Class Kit: Includes the basic kit with a couple extras to help you continue growth in the comfort of your own home. 2 jars of Sugar, classic sugar warmer, travel sized backbar, gloves, manual, support essentials and certification upon class completion.

Advanced Class Kit: Includes everything you need to start sugaring in your own treatment room. Anyone sugaring certified or registered in class may purchase this kit one time. Includes 2 jars of Sugar, classic sugar warmer, FULL size back bar, gloves, manual, support essentials and certification upon class completion/transfer.

Nitrile Gloves: Purchase different styles of our favorite nitrile, latex free gloves before you commit buying them through the manufacturer. We love them... do you? Try them today.


Sample Kit Available

Try out all our products before purchasing in bulk. Choose either a Backbar trial kit or a Retail trial kit! Each only $59 with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA.