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Sugaring Professionals

Our Sugaring Professionals Ohana started back in 2013 with Educator/Owner Karin Noll of Ke Kō. All students, past, present and future, not only those educated by Karin but by our educators nationwide, will show up on this registry. We are proud to offer education, experience and training in the Sugaring industry and we want to show all of our Pro Sugaristas off. Bottom line, once educated by us.... you will ALWAYS be part of our Ohana and we will always be there to support you. 

We offer you and your clients a Directory of Sugaring Professionals. Educated, Certified by either us or other reputable sugaring companies and using Ke Kō Professional products. Feel free to share with your clients when they move or to check for sugarists near you.

You'll also have the option to join our favorite All Things Sugaring Directory SUGARING SOURCE! Purely Brand Neutral because we want to help provide the best resources available to you!

• If you'd like to be in our directory, please fill out the form below and we'll get you registered and on the map!