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Advanced Paste Handling/Mixing


Advanced Paste Handling/Mixing

$10 Registration (receive $10 Mahalo Bucks for the Ke Kō Shop upon completion of class)

We're here to help you get to know YOUR paste! This is a brand neutral course for all new sugarists!

Have you ever wondered how so many Sugarists use such a little amount of paste? How are they mixing exactly what they need without wasting paste? Or do you ever have sugar paste of any kind, that's lost it's consistency from overheating or leaving the lid open? Sticky paste? Dry paste? Granulated Paste? Never let your paste waste! There's so many tricks and tips in our back pockets for you to save and fix your paste.

In the end... we'll help you find the paste consistency that works for you best and how to always have what you need on hand. Save yourself time, money and so much energy!

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