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Back Office Sept 28th/29th


Organize your Spa/Salon Business Back Office with Karin

2 Days - September 28th and 29th
$100 per person

Are you a Spa/Salon Professional? Sole Proprietor or a student ready to open a business? Want to organize your business, get on track, set up goals for success? In this 2 Day Virtual Online Class, Karin will help you organize and get your business up to date. Are most of these tasks easy to do by yourself? Sure... but how much fun is it if someone is doing it alongside you and with answers to all your questions.

Please sign up by September 19th to receive your kit and class packet.

What all will we be covering? Check out the outline and inquire for a detailed Syllabus!

Day 1:
Hustle Day
•Introduction and overview of running a Sole Prop business and why organizing is a must.
•Organizing your binder and make your homework list
•Introduction to Quickbooks Online and how to setup basic expenses for easy tax preparation

Day 2:
Dream Day
•Finish up binders
•Vision Board time (goals, marketing, services, and more...)
•How to make money when you're not seeing clients
•Business and Financial Resources

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