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Get Started- Web/Social Media Design


With the busy lifestyles now days, we have solutions for you. Take your mind off having to create everything from scratch. We are here for you and offer you help setting up your business in all forms.
  • Website including 5 basic tabs/pages and we can use our stock images and graphics (client must provide domain and host)
contact/booking info
>>>anything else you need me to specifically let us know
  • Logo Package
  • Email
We set up a gmail email through your website if you'd like. It's about $4 a month to have it end in your website(ie. or we can just do a free one (ie.
  • Instagram
startup posts
highlight setup
  • Facebook
startup posts from Insta
albums for spa pics, services, products and classes/education
  • Biz materials account on Vista Print with new email.
business Cards
service Brochure
 >>>We'll make them and you can alter and order them as needed
  • Yelp/Google Listing
  • Mail Chimp Account to send all your clients the great news....
(We'll help you send your first welcome letter) and any other free social media stuff we can think of for you.

We'll send you a cheat sheet you can use to access all your accounts and such to make it easy for you to update. We also offer on going Social Media Support and management.

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