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Body Sugaring Education

Welcome to the home of Sugaring and Skincare Professionals. Education, Training and Certification for Licensed Professionals. Your natural, organic skin care and sugaring Ohana! Join our adventures today!


Aloha! Thank you for learning about what we have to offer. We are educators dedicated to providing what we have learned thus far in the industry and helping you succeed in your own business adventures. We truly believe in not being competitive with each other but rather with ourselves. Pushing ourselves to be the best because what we do in this industry is care for others… we all care passionately about our services and what we have to offer our clients.



Are you a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician? Or are you enrolled in a licensing program with at least 200hrs in the books? Then you are eligible to take our Body Sugaring Certification Courses! 

How does it work??? We run you through the step by step process of sugaring in PERSON or ONLINE! Everything from how to pull sugar out of a jar, to how to sugar from the brows to the toes. After and during the program, you will have full access to watch all the extra tutoring sessions online, free drop ins to any offered classes, office hours and so much more!!!!

Let's touch base and see if our program is right for you! We would love to help you transform into a Ke Kō Sugarist with the help of our experienced and loving Ohana~

Meet our Ohana!


Learn from the comfort of your home!!  Essentials of Body Sugaring is available to you online too. This ONLINE course is outlined to teach you the most important skills of body sugaring from pulling out paste from a sugar jar to sugaring your clients from brows to toes! (Class comes with a basic sugaring kit)

Step by step to master each body part. The online course includes these basic sugaring sections, followed with our online tutoring sessions free of charge.

• Includes Kit, Upgrade specials, Tutoring sessions, Certification & more!

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